• Energy Landscape Library (ELL): The ELL-library provides a platform for generic algorithms to study kinetics and structure of energy landscapes with discrete states. These algorithms need an abstract representation of these states to be applied to a multitude of state instances and their corresponding energy or fitness landscapes. The library provides a pool of basic methods and already implemented states for biomolecules like RNA or lattice proteins.
  • Constraint-based Protein Structure Prediction (CPSP) tools package: This C++ programming library provides a fast and easyly extensible implementation of the constraint-based approach of Rolf Backofen and Sebastian Will to predict proven optimal structures of simplified 3D-lattice proteins in the HP-model. Furthermore it collects additional tools concering HP-sequences and lattice-protein structures like sequence design, neutral net expansion, etc.
29 Mar 2007
Dmitry Nerukh [dn232@cam.ac.uk]