Biomolecular systems exhibit spontaneous self-organisation that is critical to their function. Examples are protein folding and the self-assembly of membranes. The project aims to develop mathematical and computational approaches primarily to identify the poorly understood principles of this phenomenon. This will provide a basis for modelling of this fundamental property of complex biomolecular systems and will therefore be of great importance to biology, medicine and biotechnology.

the Consortium

The project is funded by the European Commision in the Sixth Framework programme within "New and emerging science and technology NEST - PATHFINDER" research area. The consortium consists of eight Universities from six countries and coordinated by Cambridge University.

the Science

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The meetings held by the Consortium


1 Mar 2005: start of the project
25-27 Jul 2005: kick-off meeting (Cambridge)
21-24 May 2006: meeting in Vienna
15 Oct 2006: first periodic report
17-19 May 2007: meeting in Leipzig
12-15 May 2008: meeting in Venice

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  • the final reports to the EC are being prepared...


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